The Long Island Forensic Association and the Catholic Forensic League of Rockville Centre are cocurricular organizations which exist to promote  leadership in high school students through public speaking activities. We seek to teach students the importance of analytical and communication skills. As such, we hold regular speech and debate tournaments throughout the school year.

Membership in both leagues is open to both public and private schools in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

 Competition in these tournaments leads to the State Championship, sponsored by the New York State Forensic League

LD Topic for Jan/Feb:

Resolved: The United States ought not provide military aid to authoritarian regimes.

PF Topic for Feb:

Resolved: The United States should end its arms sales to Saudi Arabia.


Results from the Debate Tournament at Schreiber are available.

Results from State Elims in Speech are available.

The Invitation to State Elims on Debate is available.

The Invitation to State Elims in Congress is available.

Bills for Student Congress at Chaminade are available.

The Invitation to the Grand Tournament is available.

Instructions on registering your judges for e-balloting.

Instructions on registering your students for e-balloting.

Instructions on e-balloting. 

Any school that is interested in joining either or both leagues may contact either Mrs. Lydia Esslinger, President of the Long Island Forensic Association or Bro. John McGrory, President of the Catholic Forensic League of Rockville Centre for information. 

Please register at

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